Reviews about Brulafine

  • Zsófia
    Thank you producers brulafine for a slim figure. Take according to directions two capsules per day during the month. Has dropped 22 lbs! Now any fat folds on the abdomen and hands. Legs have become rhinestones elegant and beautiful. Good means, it works!
  • Jázmin
    Minus 14 kg in two weeks! I take the capsules further help. I want to lose weight still on 10 units of Diets is not to stick, I live in the previous mode. After the first week of adoption brulafine noticed that it has become less snacking, much better I feel! As if wings have grown or opened a second wind. I think even on the ballet sign)
  • Balázs
    The wife told me to drink these capsules every day. First, drinking is not, gladly, and never believed, that with only using one tablet it is possible to lose weight. But already on the second week was very surprised when the scale showed up at 8 kg less than the previous score!
  • Hanna
    Ordered myself and husband. Both are prone to weight gain. At the reception brulafine I weighed 89 kg, he - 110 units In two months have lost 20 units Diet in general remained the same, just a little appetite has decreased, and there, at least a little bit, but have become less. Ordered on the second day two more, waiting on delivery! Excellent resource, really helps to lose weight!
  • Balázs
    Tried many remedies - have been and pills, and syrups, go to fitness and tried different diets. But the weight remained in place. Turned to a dietician. The doctor advised to take brulafine every day, two pills. The first time was able to drop 10 kg in just two weeks. I recommend the capsules really help to lose weight.
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